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In-Game Name:

- T.Moriarty

Why You Was Banned:

- For saying "This Discord Is Quiet"

When Was You Banned:

- The Other Day

When Does The Ban End:

- N/A

Staff Member Who Banned You:

- Don't Know Discord Doesn't Say.

Why Should We Unban You( 250 words Minimum ) :

- Personally, I believe you shouldn't ban me simply because I stated the truth, which never harmed anyone nor did it harm the community. I was a loyal, trustworthy member of staff who resigned before this whole drama and was banned because of the drama. I believe I should be allowed to at least play on the community. I enjoyed playing here while I was staff and would love to continue playing here as a regular User. I don't pose any threat to you nor your community I just want to play with my sugar daddy Tarryn. 


Thank you,


Love Tom. 

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