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ban appeal Kadinsky Kodkavski

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In-Game Name:

- Kadinsky Kodkavski

Why You Was Banned:

-1.3 money exployed

When Was You Banned:


When Does The Ban End:


Staff Member Who Banned You:


Why Should We Unban You( 250 words Minimum ) :

-why you shut unban me is because i know i was wrong and i had to report it to the staff team but i didn't and that was my own fault to not do it. when i got the ban i know i really fucked up to no report it i really wanna say that i am sorry for what i have done and i wanna make it up to you guys with reporting every bug and glitch i find on the server

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You've failed to meet the 250 words requirements, you've written 83 words and 354 characters.

You may re-apply in 2 weeks time or wait for your ban to expire.


Thread Locked. 

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