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Apply for Paramedic

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Name: Robin R

RP Name: RodexNL

Age: 25

Arma 3 PID (Player ID) 

What country do you live in?:
The Netherlands

Why would you like to join WFPS?:
I like to play as a Paramedic. Played in a few other servers. It is fun to do. 

How many hours do you have in Arma?:

Do  you have any ban history?:

What can you bring to the WFPS?

I like to 'save' people in a RP situation. I play on RP servers for a few years now. It is fun to play as a medic. To drive around and help people. 

Do you understand that being inactive As an EMS Personnel you will be de-whitelisted

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Dear @RodexNL
Unfortunately, your application has been rejected, this is due to a lack of effort in your application.
You may edit your application or make a new one.
(Please Note) If you edit this application then please post a comment below stating that you have edited it

Kind Regards
Pete O'file
Human Resources 

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