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Rizzuto Family - Marco - Chapter 1

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[italian accent] 

All best-sellers books begin glamorous in telling their stories but most of the time they will have a slow but sadly, end, unfortunately. That's just life. Things eventually die.

"Just like my rivals, because in the hearts of people,my employees, my generations to come, i will be more than just alive, i will be the ghost leader behind success" - Vito Rizzuto

Unfortunately for them, im not here to write any kind of book, im not a writer, im a businessman and im here to do business one way or the other.

It's a gaining game. Who gains the most, wins.

Lets start with what's real because there's no actual end to my story.

I could say the very same to my, grandfather, Vito Rizzuto, may he rest in peace. 

If you never heard of him, good, it should stay that way because we, we really dont want you to wake up and see the lie you've been living all your life. Stay as you are, it's perfect for us.

Many attempts to kill both my padre and padrino. None successful, because none of them were smart enough to put one bullet, just a goddamn shot, into my loved ones. 

" When God doesn't want you up there, he keeps you on the playing board till time is running out and you get to see your last sunset " - my padrino had great speeches what can i say?

There's never enough with padrino, but due to how much knowledge you should all know ( which i'd like to keep you on the minimum of minimums when its about my family, so secrets stay secret ) lets talk how me, Marco Rizzuto, nipote di Vito Rizzuto, figlio of the underworld, a criminal mastermind just like my padrino once used to be, in his glorious life, get to rule this world of chaos.

La mia storia begins in a small town in Sicilia, almost 20years ago today. Padrino was already the chief for a good 30 years overseas, but i was just a new born, what did i really know?

At 10 years old i have seen my first type of firearm, which the same day, i went in the woods and started shooting cans of soup.

I could never forget, it was a .45 caliber, custom made by my uncle for my padre, it had custom grip and all, but what did i know then? i was just a child.

Its the same gun, i love and respect today. I carry on my soul the memories with it and the deaths of whoever got a lucky shot to end their game. I may not always use the same gun, but i use the same caliber, the same model, a 1911 firegun.

Best of the best, ain't place for the rest as i like to say.

Being italian means you gotta have one thing. And that is STYLE.

You can't just randomly take someone's life. You got to plan, plan and plan.

There needs to be perfect execution when ending someone's game. No room for mistake. The reason execuses the methods.

Lets keep going, time means money, and im still not done with you, yet.

Arriving New York when i was 14, lived at my padre's place in Brooklyn. It was my flat, my place. All i had to do, was not, get out of the house. That was the rule of surviving. Nobody and no one could see or even recognize me on the streets. I could only go out with bodyguards at night, in perfect silenzio.

Like i say many times now, no room for mistakes. But what did i know then ? I still didn't know who my padre's friends where and why would they always be around me. Even in high school. I was a very confused boy about what the hell was going on.

My padre never talked about what he was working as in the house, he always visited me when playing baseball, he'd never miss a match, ever.

When i turned 18, the same very day, of 4th of July, our freedom was taken, the flat i was living at got broken into, i am very lucky i was in Boston at that time. Like i said, luck doesn't mean anything, because i wasn't aware i will not get back to Brooklyn, my padre thought about all, in silence , even nowawadays, only went Brooklyn few times, passing by.

Lets skip one year due to secrets i won't share.

I am now in Canada, with my padrino, he now starts talking about what family i am in and that it's not a regular family, its the Rizzuto Family. Now the family with italian origins, that's us, get to live on Canadian soil among canadian people speaking french and acting as weird as americans, at least for us.

Padrino couldn't be assasinated due to how smart it was, but even so, great IQ won't help you face the mother nature so when i turned 20, padrino died of pneumonia.

At this very moment, i've been on lookout for my padre since he seems to have dissapeared for good out of my life.

I now find myself a small area called Taunus, which, in all this time running deals over deals in the land of the Maple Leaf, i've never came across this county, of Taunus, i don't even know if it's a county or not but one thing's for sure, after a 2000km distance driving, flying and crossing waters, i arrive here, a pretty good place where any link to the outer world seems completely impossible, it's like the triangle of bermude, nothing comes in and nothing comes out as far as signal, comms and sometimes even people, not everyone could leave just as easy as they came in.

It's our own reality with it's our own people, which to be fair, ain't that many as of now, but more than enough to live a life where i could go to sleep without worrying too much.

i feel like the map that showed me this place it's the only one that could lead me here since all other maps dont show the place as anything, other than forests all around.

Quebec is around two thousand km from here,that's if you don't get lost. Here, laws apply, we got some police force which don't have a clue about my past so that's how i get to live a new life, all good, for now.


I pray to God that my past won't follow my path to this sacred place filled with green forests where i could spend a day or two hunting the wildlife.


All that happened in the past, should stay like that, in the past.

I got more to say but i heard someone knockin on my door and now i gotta grab my pump actioned shotgun to check out who could it be, i was not expecting for a mailboy since i dont order this online crap, i like to put my hands on it first and afterwards, decide on how to put it in my possession

Damn, its knocking even faster now, where's the goddamn shotgun?!


[To be continued....]







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