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TF Gang recruitment

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Gang name: Top Fraggers

Members: Whiz Whiz, Moto Moto, A Roman and A Niddle

About the gang: we are an immigrant family who snuck into Canada from altis 2 years ago we have had bad experiences from the start so we banded together against everyone. we don't currently have any allies nor are we at war with everyone

Requirements: 15 years old at least (exceptions might be made)

750 hours in arma 3 at least (need Proof)

More than 10 hours on the server (we will get admins to check so don't lie)

Why should we accept you (100 words minimum)

How to join: copy and paste  template (bellow)


Rp name:


hours in arma 3 (need SC)

Why should we accept you(100 words minimum we expect good grammar and effort to be put in)

Hours on the server (estimate)

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