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  • Lakeside Life Rules

    Created 08/10/2017 - Last Updated 15/04/2019

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    General Rules

    (1.1) Vehicle Death Match (also known as VDM) - Using any vehicle as a weapon (e.g running people over, causing explosions including ramming etc) will result in receiving a ban.

    (1.2)  Random Death Match (also known as RDM) - Shooting at an individual without initiating in any form of quality roleplay is considered RDM. (e.g Giving enough time for them to respond with your commands. Countdowns are considered poor role play, please at least attempt to create a interesting roleplay before shooting) Failure will result in a ban. This rule does not apply to a red zone.

    (1.3) Using any exploits such as looting dead bodies, duplication of items or money, using the ‘Flip Vehicle’ feature outside of its intended purpose, transferring / processing items through walls. Punishment is a permanent ban without appeal. If you discover an exploit/bug that nobody else knows about, please inform it to a staff member privately in order to ensure that it does not be abused in the future.

    (1.4) Combat logging at any point during Roleplay is exploiting. Some examples of this include: logging out during a firefight, being chased by the police, arrested by the police, logging out in order to save gear, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained. 

    (1.5) Trolling - The following examples are considered trolling however there are multiple others so we advise common sense. 

    (1.6) Breaking RP in Voice. There are a lot of players on the server with everyone having different opinions, and disagreement can occur while on the server, please avoid discussing them while on the server, and do not break RP in voice. 

    (1.7) Aviation vehicles are not to land in populated area unless they have permission from the police. Otherwise land at a helipad. They must also fly above 200 meters.

    (1.8) Using any kind of exploitation is a permanently ban. Some example of exploiting are:

    • Duplication of items and/or money.
    • Abusing any kind of bug in-game to your own advantage.
    • Circumventing or abusing existing rules to your own advantage.
    • Processing, selling or gathering through any wall or roof of any building.
    • Changing the default control layout to circumvent key restrictions.
    • Using vault or any other Arma 3 or server mechanic to walk through a wall, window or closed door. You can vault past vehicles if they are blocking an entrance.
    • Using specific camera angling to see through walls.
    • Soft logging, meaning disconnecting to lobby or from the server so you can then rejoin at a different position. The only exception to this is if you are stranded far away from a city with no means of getting back to said city.
    • Going AFK as a whitelisted faction in order to farm paychecks.
    • Using macros.

    These are simply examples and cannot cover every possible method of exploitation. There are many other ways that one can use game or server mechanics and glitches to one’s own advantage. Once caught the player will be banned.


    Roleplay Rules

    (2.1) All players must remain in character at all times, unless a Admin permits you to speak out of character. Roleplay all situations.

    (2.2) Taxi Drivers are required to use the Taxi and are prohibited from performing any illegal activities for example robbing or killing people.

    (2.3) You must be on Teamspeak in the TFAR channel while playing on the server.

    (2.4) Baiting - Baiting cops or other players just for a gunfight is not roleplay. *Punishment is a ban* Flying over a area waiting to be shot down is fail roleplay.

    (2.5) Police must give at least one warning by sending a message clearly indicating the target and their intentions to fire upon the helicopter with sufficient amount of time for the pilot to respond.

    (2.6) When your communication device (radio/phone) has been taken away from other players, you are not allowed to use external methods to communicate with anyone else. You are only allowed to use direct chat.

    (2.7) Role-playing as real life terrorist groups for example ISIS will result in a permanent ban.

    (2.8) Nobody is allowed to commit crimes or break rules within green zones.

    (2.9) During a bank/casino robbery police are required to initiate negotiations before breaching the building/area. 


    Meta Gaming

    Side Chat- Using information gained on side chat in influence actions or to cause disruption in game. 

    (3.2) Name tags - You are not allowed to identify other players in game via their name tags. 

    (3.3) If you are restrained and communications have been confiscated you are not allowed to use other means of communication other than direct chat. 


    New Life Rule

    A new life means that your character has lost all memories from their previous life. You character forgets all events and information leading up to their unfortunate death.

    (4.1) A new life starts, when -

    - Your character has been killed in a RP situation.

    - Your character was in an accident.

    (4.2) When you respawn -

    - You cannot return to the same situation
    - You cannot remember any previous situations.
    - You cannot return to the place of your death for 10 minutes.
    - You can remembers friends and gang members.


    Criminal Roleplay

    Playing as a rebel or as a criminal on the server can create some exciting roleplay opportunity, however we have to ensure this is fun for all members so there are some important rules to follow.

    (5.1) Taking hostages must be role-played to a very high quality. A minimum of 4 cops must be online to do this.

    (5.2) You are not allowed to take your own gang member(s) hostage.

    (5.3) Killing someone must be carried out with high quality roleplay, “put your hands up or I will
    kill you” is now considered bad roleplay and may lead to a ban for RDM/Fail RP. 

    (5.4) Police Sirens - When the police activate their siren lights to pull over to over, this does not mean RP has been initiated on their point, if you shoot without initiating in roleplay this will be considered RDM.

    (5.5)  Use of spikstrips doesn’t constitute in any form of roleplay. Failure to engage quality roleplay will be classed as RDM.

    (5.6) There must be a minimum of 5 cops online to rob the Bank. The vault has a code, which will not open if there is less than 5 police online so it will just waste your time.

    (5.7) The police will always send in a unarmed negotiator in a marked police vehicle who will drive up to the entrance and make himself known. This is part of the robbery process. You can either roleplay with the unarmed negotiator, or decline the negotiations and ask him to leave but you are not allowed to kill or take him hostage.

    (5.8) Once the breaching blast charge has been planted, any opportunity for negotiation is terminated. After this the police are allowed to storm the building with armed police. When this occurs any combat is NOT considered as RDM. The Police may return once the NLR is up but civilians are not allowed to return.

    (5.9) Disconnecting whilst in Prison or in the custody of the UN/Police is forbidden. You must have permission from an Administrator or above with a valid reason to do so.

    Whitelisted Rules

    (6.1) Police & EMS are not allowed to sell their faction equipment or give their equipment away willingly.

    (6.2) Tasers must be used unless lethal force has be ordered by the senior officer in that situation. Police MUST have a non-lethal weapon on them at all times.

    (6.3) You are not allowed to be a corrupt cop for example (removing your friends from the wanted list) without sufficient roleplay reasons.

    (6.4) Police are not allowed to shoot at aviation vehicles if they are flying above 100 meters, you must give at least 3 warning before engaging the aviation vehicle. You must not shoot down the vehicle over a populated area.

    (6.5) Medics are not allowed to commit illegal activities and must not follow gangs or cops around.

    (6.6) If a Medic is attending a scene and combat is ongoing, the area is not safe to enter for rescuing injured players. Therefore you cannot revive at this time.

    (6.7) Armoured vehicles are not allowed to be used unless Marshall Law has been issued. 

    (6.8) Police are not allowed to execute people. 

    (6.9) Police cannot see the location of the drug fields within roleplay. They must gain information from investigations or other sources. 

    (6.10) Stingers can only be used towards air aviation vehicles.

    (6.11) AT Weapons can only be used towards armoured vehicles. 



    (7.1) When a player has been killed and then revived by a medic, the player must re-initiate role play before firing at anybody. 

    (7.2) After robbing or killing a person, You cannot initiate on the same person or group within 10 minutes after the initiation has ended. 

    (7.3) Someone hitting you over the head (Shift G) is considered a one-way initiation, meaning you are allowed to kill the person who knocked you out.

    (7.4) Players must initiate role-play before firing at somebody, for example robbing a person by saying drop your weapon and put your hands up (must at least give them enough time in order to comply with your commands) If they fail to comply then you can shot them. If the police have their sirens on and trying to pull you over, that does not mean RP has been initiated. 

    (7.5) Player can only initiate on helicopters (including ground vehicles) by typing in direct chat communication first. Once the vehicle has been disabled, you must re-initiate role-play with the passengers. 

    (7.6) The police are allowed to kill a gunner of an armoured vehicle without initiating RP. 

    (7.7) People who are not in the same gang are not allowed to initiate on other players/gangs. (Punishment is a ban)

    (7.8) The only way to initiate is by speaking through direct communication.




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