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  • Atlanta Network Community Rules

    Created 08/10/2017 - Last Updated 08/10/2017

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    Hello and welcome to the Atlanta Network Communities rules. In order to maintain a high quality experience for our members, we have community rules which all members must abide by. Please take time to read the information on this page to ensure you have the best experience on our community servers. We must have strict rules, this allows us to maintain a high standard of professionalism on our servers.

    We are a very friendly community, as we consider ourselves to be an adult community we expect all members to respect other members and the staff team. If you are unsure about a rule, speak to a administrator to prevent getting in trouble. Please be aware these are the official rules, if you are told different please disregard it unless you’ve been told by a member of the staff team otherwise.

    General Rules


    (1.1)  Bullying is punished by a permanent ban without a possible ban appeal.

    (1.2) Discrimination or racialism of any sort isn’t tolerated and will resort in a permanent ban.  

    (1.3)  Being abusive or disrespectful to any community member or staff member is not tolerated and result with a one day ban.

    (1.4) Any attempted to attack or disrupt our community infrastructure is not tolerated, including threatening a member  will result in a permanent ban and we take threats very seriously. We will work with the local police enforcement agencies and supply the necessary evident to lead to a conviction.

    (1.5) The community staff team have the authority to ban any members from the community and including the servers, if they are continuously disruptive to the community or if we have a sufficient reason to believe they are here to cause trouble.

    (1.6) In roleplay every situation can be different and not everything can be detailed within the community rules and because we are an adult community it simply comes down to basic common sense. Do not swear at people out of roleplay, troll people or bully people will result in an instant ban from our servers.

    (1.7) Posting personal information or photos of other members without their consent will result in a permanent ban without a ban appeal.


    Advertisement Rules


    (2.0) Advertising any of the following services* on our servers/website/teamspeak or social media groups without permission is bannable without appeal;

    - Teamspeak / Voice Services (example: Discord)

    - Game Servers

    - Social Media Groups

    - Websites\Other Communities *

    It is to the discretion of the staff member who looks at your situation as to what we consider advertising. We advise caution when sharing any ip addresses or such through any of our services.


    Teamspeak Rules


    (3.1) Avoiding with VPN - VPN or known as Virtual Private Network can be used to change to a Private Network or server and can be used to act like you're in a different country which can bypass Security etc. Using VPN to bypass a Ban will result in a Full Ban on your Computer and Teamspeak Application.

    (3.2) Distributing Private Photo's - Giving out photo's of other people is not tolerated unless the picture of the person has given permission then it can be resulted in a Ban.

    (3.3) Music Bots/Soundboards/Voice Changers - These are not allowed in any channel where the occupants of that channel do not agree. These may be used in private channels with permission of all occupants. Using these to annoy/troll other community members will result in a ban from our TeamSpeak server.

    (3.4) Client Name - Please do not change your name to anything that may be considered abusive or pretend to be someone else. We will kindly ask for you to first change your name, however, if it continues we will ban you.

    (3.5) Avatars - Please do not use offensive avatars on the Teamspeak. We will automatically remove any offensive material found and may ban you depending on the severity of the image used.


    Forum Rules


    (4.1) Common sense - This is an adult community and a lot of the rules come down to common sense, do not swear at people, troll people, bully people otherwise you will simply be banned from the forums.

    (4.2) Using a questionable avatar or name could result in a community ban.

    (4.3) Creating threads with the intention to cause issues or drama will not be tolerated and may lead to warning points or being issued a ban.

    (4.4) Commenting on a ban appeal or report a player thread that is not involving you will lead to a warning point and a 7 day posting restriction.

    (4.5) Using status updates to talk about or discuss bans will first lead to a warning point then if that continues a second warning point with a 7 day posting restriction.



About Us

Our goal is to bring you a unique server experience. Through the dedication of our staff, and continuous development of new content, we are able to do this. However, we would never be able to accomplish this without your constant support and generosity. Thank you for supporting us, and we hope you enjoy your time on Atlanta Network.

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