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    Atlanta Network Community Rules

    Created 08/10/2017 - Last Updated 24/05/2018

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  • Hello, welcome to the Atlanta Network communities rules. In order to maintain a high quality experience for our members, we have community rules which all members must abide by. Please take time to read the information on this page to ensure you have the best experience on our community servers. We must have strict rules, this allows us to maintain a high standard of professionalism on our servers.

    We are a very friendly community, as we consider ourselves to be an adult community we expect all members to respect other members and the staff team. If you are unsure about a rule, speak to a administrator to prevent getting in trouble. Please be aware these are the official rules, if you are told different please disregard it unless you’ve been told by a member of the staff team otherwise.


  • (1.1)  Bullying is punished by a permanent ban without a possible ban appeal.

    (1.2) Discrimination or racialism of any sort isn’t tolerated and will resort in a permanent ban.  

    (1.3)  Being abusive or disrespectful to any community member or staff member is not tolerated and result with a one day ban.

    (1.4) Any attempted to attack or disrupt our community infrastructure is not tolerated, including threatening a member  will result in a permanent ban and we take threats very seriously. We will work with the local police enforcement agencies and supply the necessary evident to lead to a conviction.

    (1.5) The community staff team have the authority to ban any members within the community and including the servers, if they are continuously disruptive to the community or if we have a sufficient reason to believe they are here to cause trouble. Any staff member reserves the right to issue a punishment either points or a ban when they have reasonable suspicion (without in game evidence). No staff member will be bias and will listen to both sides of the story before a punishment is issues as nobody likes to be banned from the server.

    (1.6) In roleplay every situation can be different and not everything can be detailed within the community rules and because we are an adult community it simply comes down to basic common sense. Do not swear at people out of roleplay, troll people or bully people will result in an instant ban from our servers.

    (1.7) Posting personal information or photos of other members without their consent will result in a permanent ban without a ban appeal.

    (1.8) Vehicle Death Match (also known as VDM) - Using any vehicle as a weapon (e.g running people over, causing explosions including ramming etc) will result in receiving a ban.

    (1.9)  Random Death Match (also known as RDM) - Shooting at an individual without initiating in any form of quality roleplay is considered RDM. (e.g Giving enough time for them to respond with your commands. Countdowns are considered poor role play, please at least attempt to create a interesting roleplay before shooting) Failure will result in a ban. This rule does not apply to a red zone.

    (1.10) Threats to report / disputes / Breaking RP in Voice. There are so many people on the server with all different points of view and disputes and disagreements are all part of the game, however please do not discuss them in-game also do not break RP in voice. For example if someone has RDM’ed you discussing this on the server or saying “I am going to report you” is not allowed. Please use the forums or teamspeak to report or discuss only (Punishment is a ban) Exception: You may contact someone using the text system if they are not on teamspeak or on the forums. Please only attempt to make this contact in effort to resolve the issue, not to antagonise the other player/users/members.

    (1.11) Trolling - The following examples are considered trolling however there are multiple others so we advise common sense. Running around the police/medics/anyone, throwing yourself in front of vehicles, playing music in any chat or on teamspeak, bombarding the messaging system, buying multiple vehicles to block spawn areas or using them to blow things up, jumping off buildings without RP,spamming the vote admin or vote kick system, talking/playing music in the lobby screen, playing soundboards/voice changers in game and open TS channels (Punishment is a ban, or permanent ban depending on the severity). 

    (1.12) Combat logging at any point during Roleplay is exploiting. Some examples of this include: logging out during a firefight, being chased by the police, arrested by the police, logging out in order to save gear, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained. This can lead to a ban to the discretion of the staff member.

    (1.13) Medics - It is a bannable offence to kill a medic, take their vehicle (Ambulance), take them hostage or rob them. In the Redzone medics may be killed however all other rules regarding medics apply.

    (1.14) Side Chat- Using information gained on side chat in influence actions or to cause disruption in game. 

    (1.15) Name tags - You are not allowed to identify other players in game via their name tags. 

    (1.16) If you are restrained and communications have been confiscated you are not allowed to use other means of communication other than direct chat. 

    (1.17) You are not allowed to kidnap or rob police officers inside green or blue zones. Police HQs are considered safe zones and initiation of any kind against BLUFOR is forbidden in these areas and their immediate surroundings. It is also not allowed to fight within these areas

    (1.18) Medic request spamming is not allowed.



  • (2.1) Using any kind of cheat, script or hack is a will result in an permanent ban.

    (2.2) Using any kind of exploitation is a permanent ban.

    Some examples of exploiting are:

    • Duplication of items and/or money.
    • Abusing any kind of bug in-game to your own advantage.
    • Circumventing or abusing existing rules to your own advantage.
    • Processing, selling or gathering through any wall or roof of any building.
    • Changing the default control layout to circumvent key restrictions.
    • Using vault or any other Arma 3 or server mechanic to walk through a wall, window or closed door. You can vault past vehicles if they are blocking an entrance.
    • Using specific camera angling to see through walls.
    • Soft logging, meaning disconnecting to lobby or from the server so you can then rejoin at a different position. The only exception to this is if you are stranded far away from a city with no means of getting back to said city.

    These are simply examples and cannot cover every possible method of exploitation. There are many other ways that one can use game or server mechanics and glitches to one’s own advantage. Once caught the player will be banned.



  • (3.1) All players must remain in character at all times, unless a Admin permits you to speak out of character. Roleplay all situations.

    (3.2) Taxi Drivers are required to use the Taxi and are prohibited from performing any illegal activities for example robbing or killing people.

    (3.3) You must be on Teamspeak in the TFAR channel while playing on the server.

    (3.4) Baiting - Baiting cops or other players just for a gunfight is not roleplay. *Punishment is a ban* Flying over a area waiting to be shot down is fail roleplay.

    (3.5) Police must give at least one warning by sending a message clearly indicating the target and their intentions to fire upon the helicopter with sufficient amount of time for the pilot to respond.

    (3.6) When your communication device (radio/phone) has been taken away from other players, you are not allowed to use external methods to communicate with anyone else. You are only allowed to use direct chat.

    (3.7) Role-playing as real life terrorist groups for example ISIS will result in a permanent ban.

    (3.8) Nobody is allowed to commit crimes or break rules within green zones.

    (3.9) During a bank/casino robbery police are required to initiate negotiations before breaching the building/area. 

    (3.10) You should always have properly grounded motivations behind your actions. For example, you are not allowed to go on a murdering spree because you’re role-playing as a serial killer.

    (3.11) Impersonating the Police is forbidden.

    (3.12) The only allowed way to destroy a vehicle is by either crushing or using a chop shop. You're not allowed to use any other methods.

    (3.13) When a player is bleeding out, you are not allowed to restrain or execute them, unless you were initiated with them before they were incapacitated.


    (3.14.1) You should value your life at all times. This means that if you are in a situation where someone initiates on you and they have to means to inflict lethal damage in a realistic scenario, you should surrender and comply with their demands. Valuing your life also extends itself to general role-play situations and you should always strive to live as you would do in an actual scenario.

    A couple examples where this rule would come into play would be:

    • You have a gun in your hands and someone puts a gun to the back of your head and tells you to put your hands up, in which case you should comply.
    • You have your gun holstered and someone tells you to put your hands up while they have a gun pointed directly at you, in which case you should comply.
    • You are stationary as a driver in a vehicle and someone points a gun at you from the driver's side and asks you to step out and put your hands up, in which case you should comply.
    • You are bleeding out and a random person suggests to end your life, in which case you should not encourage them to.

    (3.14.2) The only way to initiate is by speaking through direct communication.

    (3.14.2) Someone hitting you over the head (Shift G) is considered a one-way initiation, meaning you are allowed to kill the person who knocked you out.


  • A new life means that your character has lost all memories from their previous life. You character forgets all events and information leading up to their unfortunate death.

    (4.1) A new life starts, when -

    - Your character has been killed in a RP situation.

    - Your character was in an accident.

    (4.2) When you respawn -

    - You cannot return to the same situation
    - You cannot remember any previous situations.
    - You cannot return to the place of your death for 10 minutes.
    - You can remembers friends and gang members.

    (4.3) When there are less that 5 cops online, police can return to the same location as back up.


  • Playing as a rebel or as a criminal on the server can create some exciting roleplay opportunity, however we have to ensure this is fun for all members so there are some important rules to follow.

    (5.1) Taking hostages must be role-played to a very high quality. A minimum of 3 cops must be online to do this.

    (5.2) You are not allowed to take your own gang member(s) hostage.

    (5.3) Killing someone must be carried out with high quality roleplay, “put your hands up or I will
    kill you” is now considered bad roleplay and may lead to a ban for RDM/Fail RP. 

    (5.4) Police Sirens - When the police activate their siren lights to pull over to over, this does not mean RP has been initiated on their point, if you shoot without initiating in roleplay this will be considered RDM.

    (5.5)  Use of spikstrips doesn’t constitute in any form of roleplay. Failure to engage quality roleplay will be classed as RDM.

    (5.6) There must be a minimum of 5 cops online to rob the Bank. The vault has a code, which will not open if there is less than 5 police online so it will just waste your time.

    (5.7) The police will always send in a unarmed negotiator in a marked police vehicle who will drive up to the entrance and make himself known. This is part of the robbery process. You can either roleplay with the unarmed negotiator, or decline the negotiations and ask him to leave but you are not allowed to kill or take him hostage.

    (5.8) Once the breaching blast charge has been planted, any opportunity for negotiation is terminated. After this the police are allowed to storm the building with armed police. When this occurs any combat is NOT considered as RDM. The Police may return once the NLR is up but civilians are not allowed to return.

    (5.9) Disconnecting whilst in Prison or in the custody of the Police is forbidden. You must have permission from an Administrator or above with a valid reason to do so.


  • (6.1) All police must have a working microphone and be on Teamspeak. If your microphone isn't functional then do not connect to the server using an Blufor Slot.

    (6.2) All Police are not allowed to sell their faction equipment or give their equipment away willingly.

    (6.3) Tasers must be used unless lethal force has be ordered by the senior officer in that situation. Police MUST have a non-lethal weapon on them at all times.

    (6.4) Police are not allowed to shoot at aviation vehicles if they are flying above 100 meters, you must give at least 3 warning before engaging the aviation vehicle. You must not shoot down the vehicle over a populated area.

    (6.5) Police cannot see the location of the drug fields within roleplay. They must gain information from investigations or other sources. 

    (6.6) Police are not allowed to execute people. 

    (6.7) Unarmed negotiators are not to be taken as hostages.


  • (7.1) Medics are not allowed to commit illegal activities and must not follow gangs or cops around.

    (7.2)  If a Medic is attending a scene and combat is ongoing, the area is not safe to enter for rescuing injured players. Therefore you cannot revive at this time.

    (7.3) Combat Reviving - If combat is in effect, or shots have been fired within the last 5 minutes, the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, you cannot revive at this time. This rule is exempt for civilians using defibrillators.



  • (8.1) You can not commit a major crime 30 minutes before or after a server restart.

    (8.2) Only one major crime is to be committed every 30 minutes.

    (8.3) There must be at least 5 police officers on to commit a major crime.

    (8.4) If at any point, in negotiations either party exchange fire negotiations will be called off.

    (8.5) You must always negotiate out of a situation, you can't just call off negotiations for a gun fight, all avenues must be exhausted before you bring gun play into action.

    (8.6) Even if the robbers/criminals do not have a hostage, Officers MUST attempt negotiations, we want roleplay out of this not just "hands on your head" and start shooting.

    (8.7) If at any point gang war is declared, you can NOT do major crimes with them, But you can still call them for backup in non major crime 


  • 9.1: The Police may not raid a property without reasonable cause. Reasonable cause includes:

    • If the property owner is wanted.
    • If the property owner is in possession of any items that are considered illegal.
    • Suspicious activity in and around the property.

    9.2: Any information gathered regarding properties when playing as Police may not be used outside of playing as said faction. This includes passing any information on to anyone who is not a member of the Police.

  • Advertisement Rules

  • (10.0) Advertising any of the following services* on our servers/website/teamspeak or social media groups without permission is bannable without appeal;

    - Teamspeak / Voice Services (example: Discord)

    - Game Servers

    - Social Media Groups

    - Websites\Other Communities *

    It is to the discretion of the staff member who looks at your situation as to what we consider advertising. We advise caution when sharing any ip addresses or such through any of our services.

  • Teamspeak Rules

  • (11.1) Avoiding with VPN - VPN or known as Virtual Private Network can be used to change to a Private Network or server and can be used to act like you're in a different country which can bypass Security etc. Using VPN to bypass a Ban will result in a Full Ban on your Computer and Teamspeak Application.

    (11.2) Distributing Private Photo's - Giving out photo's of other people is not tolerated unless the picture of the person has given permission then it can be resulted in a Ban.

    (11.3) Music Bots/Soundboards/Voice Changers - These are not allowed in any channel where the occupants of that channel do not agree. These may be used in private channels with permission of all occupants. Using these to annoy/troll other community members will result in a ban from our TeamSpeak server.

    (11.4) Client Name - Please do not change your name to anything that may be considered abusive or pretend to be someone else. We will kindly ask for you to first change your name, however, if it continues we will ban you.

    (11.5) Avatars - Please do not use offensive avatars on the Teamspeak. We will automatically remove any offensive material found and may ban you depending on the severity of the image used.


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