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  1. In-Game Name: - T.Moriarty Why You Was Banned: - For saying "This Discord Is Quiet" When Was You Banned: - The Other Day When Does The Ban End: - N/A Staff Member Who Banned You: - Don't Know Discord Doesn't Say. Why Should We Unban You( 250 words Minimum ) : - Personally, I believe you shouldn't ban me simply because I stated the truth, which never harmed anyone nor did it harm the community. I was a loyal, trustworthy member of staff who resigned before this whole drama and was banned because of the drama. I believe I should be allowed to at least play on the community. I enjoyed playing here while I was staff and would love to continue playing here as a regular User. I don't pose any threat to you nor your community I just want to play with my sugar daddy Tarryn. Thank you, Love Tom.
  2. T.Moriarty

    A Second Server

    LMAOOOOO nooo not a milsim Stick to one server or it'd end the whole community xD
  3. Hello! So people are requesting tags for Youtuber and or Streamer, you have to make sure your channel(s) fill the following requirements! YOUTUBE REQUIREMENTS: ↳ 100+ Subscribers ↳ 1 existing video of our server (NOT JUST A SUPPORT CASE EVIDENCE) ↳ Upload at least 2 videos a week of our server TWITCH REQUIREMENTS: ↳ 100+ Followers ↳ 1 existing video of our server (NOT JUST A SUPPORT CASE EVIDENCE) ↳ Stream at least 2 videos a week of our server How To Apply REQUIREMENTS: Simply join "Requesting TeamSpeak / Website Tags" on Teamspeak, once a staff member moves you in please state the specific tag you're requesting and provide evidence ( Channel Link, Proof of ownership as well as the existing video already.)
  4. A System is already done!
  5. UUID: Why Were You Banned?: Where Were You Banned?: Why Should Exempt You?: (Full Detail)
  6. This is being looked into at the moment, our developer team is working hard to find the source of the problem.
  7. Our Teamspeak: Our Rules: Rules Our Modpack: Modpack Our Discord: Discord
  8. Denied You've failed to meet the 250 words requirements, you've written 83 words and 354 characters. You may re-apply in 2 weeks time or wait for your ban to expire. Thread Locked.
  9. I must say I’ve watched evidence of you break multiple rules and if you’ve combat logged to attempt to save your weapon or to avoid losing your weapon you ban isn’t going to stay, you only have w couple of hours left. Also you’ve not met the appeals requirements. Appeal is DENIED. You May not re-appeal
  10. In-Game Name: - Why You Was Banned: - When Was You Banned: - When Does The Ban End: - Staff Member Who Banned You: - Why Should We Unban You( 250 words Minimum ) : -
  11. Your In-Game Name: Where Did You Encounter The Bug: Has It Occurred More Than Once?: Evidence: Thank You For Reporting This Bug! We Will Fix & Improve the Server ASAP (Next Restart.) Who Knows for helping you may recieve $5,000. Again Thank You For Helping Us Improve Our Server Love, Atlanta Network's Staff & Development Team.
  12. Gang Name: Member(s): About The Gang: Requirements: How To Join:

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