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  1. he is great his gang invented hooman writes
  2. +1 great gang good RP GL
  3. Ashton

    A Second Server

    altis life is amazing do that
  4. if you wanna join u better be good like this
  5. Ashton

    Whiz atlanta 1

    EZ lemme get another in the next week
  6. Ashton

    Cop SOPS

    do cops have sops as i have never seen any at all
  7. idk try and find some popular maps on steam and do a vote what ever one has the most votes wins
  8. +1 would make cops value each-others lives
  9. +1 needed i did a run in a 800 storage truck and got 40k when it costs 200k
  10. +1 its hard with just a shotgun and pistol
  11. cause u appeared and disappeared in front of me but sure na i actually left as i couldn't find any more and went back to PD
  12. funny thing is it was all of them that was one of the last ones

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