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  1. @Wrenchy Fully agree if you move Drug Dealer to Lakeside and bump the price smaller cars/trucks draw less attention from RCMP patrol's Other prices i think should be bumped along with possibly moved for RP reasons so they make sense. Suggestion: Maybe if you want give RCMP a task of intercepting AI that then have the drugs and then possibly disable the drug dealer for 5-10 mins coz he's in jail?
  2. Your In-Game Name: Davies Where Did You Encounter The Bug:Los Daiblos PD Has It Occurred More Than Once?:No Evidence:
  3. @Ashley Larkin i think what is being seen is our "militarist" side where the US has the same problem where there police look to military that because they have a increase in guns, now it hasn't been seen by my self lately but other officer that guns are still present it Lakeside so officer's will continue to patrol with "Patrol Rifle's" requiring specialist training that will be improved apon.
  4. Davies

    Bring Back RHS

    This Suggestion is due to NI Arms not working correctly and suggest that we either add RHS or some have suggested SMA, i agree with either as long as its not NI Arms or a shitty weapons pack Davies
  5. +1 i took 11 Rounds and still lived killing Wrenchy holding a class'3 and lived with a Pistol
  6. Could i have a Elaboration on Powers and Rank structure as this could be considered for the server
  7. Davies

    Repair man OP

    Honestly guys i dont know whats happening here, ill contact the team and see what we can do about it (original post), also if you crash your car into a wall and then repair it that your benefit.
  8. Davies

    TS Shady

    were you within the channel before connecting or enabling TFAR before joining the server, as ive encounter this error before under these circumstances.

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