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  1. not if i delete it xD
  2. Dear @RodexNL, Unfortunately, your application has been rejected, this is due to a lack of effort in your application. You may edit your application or make a new one. (Please Note) If you edit this application then please post a comment below stating that you have edited it Kind Regards Pete O'file Human Resources
  3. With regards to robbing money it was working yesterday as @Ashley L. managed to knock me down and rob me.
  4. Bigtimej

    Blindfold Bug

    Your In-Game Name: Pete O'File[103] Where Did You Encounter The Bug: when I spawn in the south Has It Occurred More Than Once?: yes every time I log in but when I respawn I'm fine and it's not only happened to me Evidence:
  5. Below you can find the current list of WFPS Members, their rank and their department: Command: Blue - Deputy Chief Ashley Larkin - Captain - Head of Search and Rescue Pete O'file - Captain - Head or Human Resources Department members:
  6. This is intended to allow you as citizens to report any member of the Winnipeg Fire & Paramedic Service if you believe that there is misconduct taking place. (Please note that all complaints are confidential and will only be seen by those who are In HR or IA. If members of these departments then the high command will be given the complaint to deal with. Your name will not be shared with the person you are reporting) https://forms.gle/1raoDS1T4LvjYBch6
  7. Applications for WFPS have now been reopened. Please allow upto 48 hours for a reply to your application if you have not been contacted within 48 please speak to a member or WFPS Command on team speak. I Look forward to seeing your applications. Kind Regards Pete O'file WFPS Human Resources.

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