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  1. Your In-Game Name: Tyler Bloom Where Did You Encounter The Bug: On players, and the phone. Has It Occurred More Than Once?: Yes. Evidence: You can’t rob a player and it won’t give you money. And you can’t leave a gang either and multiple players have reported this.
  2. Prikk

    Multiple Bugs

    bump important post @Karl
  3. Drugs are just used to make money, but what if they had another alternative option to use? As we know, cocaine gives you seizures on the screen etc and the other drugs just mess up your screen. What if; for example you used a drug and you would gain a negative and a bonus rather then just shaking your screen up? Here is my suggestion; - Marijuana: Makes your movement speed slow and removes 50% of your food and water, but increases your processing speed (OR inventory space) - Cocaine: Makes your movement speed quick, but after the effects your health decreases by 10% - Heroin: Makes you collapse on the ground for [10/20/30] second, but afterwards gives you increased 5% health OR decreased recoil and weapon sway (Can not be abused in a active roleplay situations, rather before a bank robbery or before robbing someone) - (Additionally if you use it more then 3 times, you overdose and black out for [5-10 mins], using more then 5 times kills you automatically) - LSD: Makes your senses more aware, sound is distorted/increased, everything is vibrant and fluidly. Lasts longer then other drugs; (poor example)
  4. At the moment, civilians have motorcycles, but police don't. This will allow police to go at faster speeds and get in small spaces where the criminal is fleeing. We could for example use this mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33429 And, civilians don't even have helmets incase they crash. Sounds unrealistic right? The devs could either add the DLC helmets from Arma: https://arma3.com/dlc/karts or they could add custom helmets: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25775
  5. Prikk

    Multiple Bugs

    Your In-Game Name: Tyler Bloom Where Did You Encounter The Bug: Car shop, cocaine fields, marijuana fields, LSD field (possibly Uranium Mine aswell) Has It Occurred More Than Once?: Yes. definently. First off, the car shop bug. The main one works, but the other ones doesn't and the car spawns on the opposite side of the map (at the main carshop). Second, cocaine/marijuana fields, There is only 1 that works and the rest do fuckall, they don't work and you can't do anything with them. LSD perks (possibly Uranium havent tested) does not work, it doesn't give you 15% more, and instead it gives you 4k per 22, which is less then cocaine which gives you 6k per 18. Evidence: Test it for yourself and the bug will happen.
  6. Prikk

    Repair man OP

    They should definently fix it, but rather make it so it's less dollars. Since people can abuse it and just ram into stuff and free 500 dollars.

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