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  1. Your In-Game Name: Ashley Larkin Where Did You Encounter The Bug: EVERYWHERE Has It Occurred More Than Once?: YES every time i try shooting my Class 3 Evidence: ASK ANYONE WITH A CLASS 3 they are broken and people don't like that
  2. +1 definitely agree with both of them I mean I know parts of lakeside would be a frame eater however it will be more playable and therefore a lot more fun and it’s a classic map
  3. Marco just to make you aware the job system isn’t fully finished there is still jobs that need added
  4. Jamie I have encountered the bug multiple times but I keep forgetting to take screenshot evidence
  5. Why would jump onto the top of the atm I don’t have a clue but I will let development know about it
  6. There a reason to it I think it allows people to hide inside the vehicle (as if they were in the back covered by a sheet) this allows them to use it if they are wanted

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