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  1. Fugitive Recovery Agency Rules The Fugitive Recovery Agency company is a privilege to be part off. All agents are to follow the law and are not permitted to carry out illegal activities. Anybody breaking these rules will be dismissed straight away. Only the best are allowed to join. Being an agent gives you access to the wanted list, and give you the necessary background information on the suspect. 1. Agents are required to were the authorised uniform and vest at all times when on duty. Making an arrest without the correct uniform and gear is against company rules and will result in removal. 2. Agents are not allowed to metagame (see metegaming rules) You must role role play to ask for the persons name but they may not be truthful due to your uniform. Below are some of the possible ways to role play the situation. Hire a civilian to approach people and ask for their name. Ask the person kindly with respect to stay there while you call the police to your location or ask them to come to the police station with you if you have reasonable suspicion to believe they are not who they say they are (nervous voice or acting irregular) Its important you do not restrain them for this. Speak to civilians if they have seen or spoke to the certain individual in question today and their last known location. 4. Fugitive Recovery Agents are not above the law, therefore they must listen to the police officers, unlike the agents, police officers do not get the money. Therefore if they give instructions, they are doing it for everyone's best interests. 5. Agents are not allowed to carry out illegal activities, doing so will result in suspension or removal from the company. 6. Those within the company are not permitted to give or sell their equipment to civilians. 7. Agents must have an non-lethal weapon (taser) and can only use their lethal weapon as a last result and must be kept in the bag. 8. If you see a criminal committing illegal activities for example breaking into a house or robbing someone, you are allowed to make a citizens arrest but are also required to call the police to the location to arrest the person and take over. 9. In order to receive the bounty, the person has to be alive and in police custody. Once the agent has been arrested you must take them to the police station and give the police officer the necessary information regarding the suspect. All agents must following the community rules and role play to the highest standards at all times.
  2. V.2 24/06/2019 Added: Sugar Resource Added Rice Resource Added: 20 Gang/Rebel Vests Added: Oil rig which can be captured Added: New gang vests Change: Death Screen Changed: Truck Capacity Changed: Map edits Removed: No Fog Changed: Economy - as shown below License Prices: General Licenses: Driver License $5.000 Boat License $10.000 Pilot License $ 25.000 Pistol License $30.000 Rifle License $45.000 Diving License $2.500 Blackmarket License $90.000 Truck License $20.000 Home License $75.000 Business License $250.000 Processing License: Oil $3.000 Iron $3.000 Copper $10.000 Diamonds $60.000 Tobacco $20.000 Alcohol $5.000 Heroin $75.000 Frog Legs (LSD) $120.000 Marijuana $9.000 Cocaine $100.000 Uranium $150.000 Cloth 8000 Selling Prices: Legal Substances: Oil $900 Iron $680 Copper $970 Diamond $1.000 Peaches $55 Apples $55 Tobacco $900 Rubber $700 Rice $350 Sugar $280 Illegal Substances: Heroin $510 Frog Legs (LSD) $1.300 Marijuana $380 Cocaine $975 Uranium $ 7.000 Gold Bars $55.000 Weight/Piece (Unprocessed/unrefined) Oil 7 Iron 5 Copper 4 Diamond 4 Peaches 1 Apples 1 Frog Legs 3 Heroin 6 Marijuana 4 Cocaine 6 Gold 12 Rice 4 LSD 4 Uranium 8 Tobacco 4 Sugar 3 (Processed/Refined) Oil 6 Iron 3 Copper 3 Diamond 2 Peaches 1 Apples 1 Frog Legs 4 Heroin 3 Marijuana 3 Cocaine 4 Rice 3 LSD 2 Uranium 6 Tobacco 2 Beer 3 Sugar 3
  3. Yes the development team will look into this.
  4. The economy will be changing to match the current prices, the main aim with the economy for new players is to start with a car, upgrade to a van then a truck.
  5. Karl

    Cop SOPS

    Yes they do.
  6. I've stated this before the map isn't changing again.
  7. I am asking for people's thoughts and suggestions to improve our server.
  8. Yes & nice video @Todd
  9. The M249 has been removed. The server has been balanced out and highest armour is now level 4. Civilians still have access to over 70 weapons with highest calibre being 7.62. Civilians will have the opportunity to also craft more vests, weapons and much more now. This is meant to be a city life server not a Takistan RDM server!
  10. V.1 01/06/2019 Added: Experience gain when processing items. Optimised: Cleanup manager. Changed: Increased cleanup time of vehicles owned by offline players. Changed the spawn menu. Changed the health/hunger HUD. Added: New Aircraft shop at Lakeside Airport. Added: New DOC clothing. Added: New weapons to blackmarket. Added: Police station. Added: More housing. Added: Drug effect for weed Added: Drug effect for cocaine Added: CPR Kit. Changed: Prices to vehicle and weapon shop. Changed: Civilian/EMS/Police loadout. Fixed: Death Timer. Changed: Delivery mission payouts have been buffed significantly. Changed shops to stands. Changed: Base respawn time is now 5 minutes. Changed: Glass prices have been adjusted. Changed: Drug prices have been adjusted. Added: Blue zone and PD & Hospital. Fixed: Players can now push their vehicles.
  11. Karl

    Map change

    Can you post the link of the updated lakeside map?
  12. Posted now closed
  13. Karl

    Company Template

    Name of Company Chairman (CEO) Information About The Company (150 Words Required) Type of Company
  14. The Prime Minister has 2 weeks in office. Prime Minister Election day is the 1st and 15th of every month and the polls will run up until that day.

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