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    I hate that I have to come agreements with most players thoughts. I believe that Taunus has killed our server (Hope some people agree). What the development team did on Taunus was amazing, but I feel as if we were to take what we have made on the Taunus server and implement it onto an Original Lakeside Map it would grab some attention, keep the people in their current factions i.e RCMP and the WFPS but just put it on a new map. I am going to say what most people are thinking right now. It is ridiculous that the map is the size it is. Everyone is complaining about the FPS issues inside the main Cities and passing through little towns. Citizens, please feel free to +1 and give your opinion on the change. P.S keep the Canadian theme. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBGB751GB751&biw=1920&bih=969&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=Y3vYXIRYhKbV8A_Dg7eIBA&q=lakeside+valley+map&oq=lakeside+valley+map&gs_l=img.3...16918.17351..17607...0.0..
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    Introduction After weeks of development, we are pleased to announce we are soon to release our new Taunus Life server and we are now looking for new members to join the Police and EMS. If you consider yourself to be mature, we are also looking for new people to join the Support Team. To assist new players to Taunus Life we have created a “Quick Introduction Guide” to help the new players get started, We are a very dedicated community to make sure everyone who plays on our server will enjoy it and decide to stay with us Features Taunus Life is a project and server to being a different concept to role play. Unlike other communities who claim to be different, we have our very own government and court system including other features. Below are some of the in-game features: - Experience system - Civilian Side Missions - Government System (Weekly elections, change laws, taxes etc) - Casino (Blackjack and slots) - Balanced Economy - Lottery Tickets - Taxi and Bus system - Threat level system - Companies System - Many more features. Taunus Life offers civilians a variety of activities to take their role play experience to the next level. There are many ways of making your fortune, either legally or illegally. As a citizen of Taunus you can be voted in to become the next Prime Minister of Taunus. Become a vigilante by becoming a bounty hunter to catch harden criminals by clearing up the streets to make them a safer place to live. What path will you take? Your actions will determinate your own fate..... Details Teamspeak:
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    I Kadinsky Kodkavski am the first person to post something down here
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    didn't i just Big oooooffffff
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    This has been noted and will be fixed in the next patch.
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    Jamie I have encountered the bug multiple times but I keep forgetting to take screenshot evidence
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    Gang name: Top Fraggers Members: Whiz Whiz, Moto Moto, A Roman and A Niddle About the gang: we are an immigrant family who snuck into Canada from altis 2 years ago we have had bad experiences from the start so we banded together against everyone. we don't currently have any allies nor are we at war with everyone Requirements: 15 years old at least (exceptions might be made) 750 hours in arma 3 at least (need Proof) More than 10 hours on the server (we will get admins to check so don't lie) Why should we accept you (100 words minimum) How to join: copy and paste template (bellow) Name: Rp name: Age: hours in arma 3 (need SC) Why should we accept you(100 words minimum we expect good grammar and effort to be put in) Hours on the server (estimate)

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