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  2. V.2 24/06/2019 Added: Sugar Resource Added Rice Resource Added: 20 Gang/Rebel Vests Added: Oil rig which can be captured Added: New gang vests Change: Death Screen Changed: Truck Capacity Changed: Map edits Removed: No Fog Changed: Economy - as shown below License Prices: General Licenses: Driver License $5.000 Boat License $10.000 Pilot License $ 25.000 Pistol License $30.000 Rifle License $45.000 Diving License $2.500 Blackmarket License $90.000 Truck License $20.000 Home License $75.000 Business License $250.000 Processing License: Oil $3.000 Iron $3.000 Copper $10.000 Diamonds $60.000 Tobacco $20.000 Alcohol $5.000 Heroin $75.000 Frog Legs (LSD) $120.000 Marijuana $9.000 Cocaine $100.000 Uranium $150.000 Cloth 8000 Selling Prices: Legal Substances: Oil $900 Iron $680 Copper $970 Diamond $1.000 Peaches $55 Apples $55 Tobacco $900 Rubber $700 Rice $350 Sugar $280 Illegal Substances: Heroin $510 Frog Legs (LSD) $1.300 Marijuana $380 Cocaine $975 Uranium $ 7.000 Gold Bars $55.000 Weight/Piece (Unprocessed/unrefined) Oil 7 Iron 5 Copper 4 Diamond 4 Peaches 1 Apples 1 Frog Legs 3 Heroin 6 Marijuana 4 Cocaine 6 Gold 12 Rice 4 LSD 4 Uranium 8 Tobacco 4 Sugar 3 (Processed/Refined) Oil 6 Iron 3 Copper 3 Diamond 2 Peaches 1 Apples 1 Frog Legs 4 Heroin 3 Marijuana 3 Cocaine 4 Rice 3 LSD 2 Uranium 6 Tobacco 2 Beer 3 Sugar 3
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    Whiz Whiz

    In-Game Name: - Whiz WHiz - Ashton - Bohit Why You Was Banned: - not sure i think it was beacause i joined the seal team sloth ts (as i was told it was atlantas new server) When Was You Banned: -i think it was a week ago When Does The Ban End: - its perm Staff Member Who Banned You: - idk only on website tho Why Should We Unban You( 250 words Minimum ) : - as i didnt do anything
  5. Tragiccokie

    A Second Server

    do altis life ❤️
  6. In-Game Name: - T.Moriarty Why You Was Banned: - For saying "This Discord Is Quiet" When Was You Banned: - The Other Day When Does The Ban End: - N/A Staff Member Who Banned You: - Don't Know Discord Doesn't Say. Why Should We Unban You( 250 words Minimum ) : - Personally, I believe you shouldn't ban me simply because I stated the truth, which never harmed anyone nor did it harm the community. I was a loyal, trustworthy member of staff who resigned before this whole drama and was banned because of the drama. I believe I should be allowed to at least play on the community. I enjoyed playing here while I was staff and would love to continue playing here as a regular User. I don't pose any threat to you nor your community I just want to play with my sugar daddy Tarryn. Thank you, Love Tom.
  7. Gem

    DOC shop

    Under Review Can also be seen with the Lakeside Market shop; the radius is just far too high (Will refer to map development) ~ Jem Sterrson
  8. Under Review Another config issue within the mission file, will be fixed next time they're updated (i.e soon) ~ Jem Sterrson
  9. Under Review Will be fixed next time we update the configs (i.e soon) ~ Jem Sterrson
  10. Under Review Quick judgement says the vehicle spawning location is set to somewhere silly, will be fixed as soon as possible. ~ Jem Sterrson
  11. Yes the development team will look into this.
  12. The economy will be changing to match the current prices, the main aim with the economy for new players is to start with a car, upgrade to a van then a truck.
  13. I agree completely, it is gonna yet reworked tonight!
  14. I would say the development team will look into the bug however nobody knows if they will these days
  15. Fatal_Pyro

    A Second Server

  16. Would love to properly change things but , dont have box access !
  17. I still don't think that such an increase is sufficient, using wrench's prices as an example: With the current starting money of 9,000, you can buy an average 100 storage car for around 4000-5000, and a backpack costing around 350, totalling at the least about 4350, nearly half of your starting money. Assuming then, that you were to do a run of beer (as you cant do drugs from start without xp which is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen), i believe that beer takes us 2 storage, so then you can carry 60 beer on you, and 50 in the car. This would give you, for a 20-30 minute run, at 80 per beer, 110x80 = 8800. Then this means that you have made a profit, on your first run, of (8800-4350) 4450. This would leave you with 13,450 for 20 minutes at least of work. Then consider that to buy a sports car is at least 200,000 in most cases, so making 8800 per run, you would need to do 23 runs (22.73) in order to be able to afford a single sports car, a minimum effort of 460 minutes, or 7.7 hours. With the proposed new prices, 110 beer would fetch 11,000 per run, meaning that you would need to do 19 runs (18.18), which is still 380 minutes, or 6.3 hours. This is, in fairness, cutting over an hour off the time it would take, but taking over 6 hours to buy a sports car is just stupid. Obviously you have to also consider that this is assuming that you do not choose to upgrade to a lorry, which would give you a lot more storage and make it faster. Also, you need to account for not being robbed, or stopped by the police for a traffic offence, which would cost you further time and money. A final variable is that it is assumed that each run takes 20 minutes, not accounting for crashing your car and repairing time, or getting lost. In fact it would in reality certainly take longer than this, 6.3 hours is an optimistic estimate. To once again compare to BB, the fastest car in the game, and arguably best, was a tuned SUV. The SUV itself cost 5250 (I think), and a tuning kit was 2500 or thereabouts, dependant on taxes, for a total cost of 7750. From a starting amount of 1000, you could buy a hatchback, do a gold run, and you would earn about 20,000. This is enough for 2 tuned SUVs, and comes from one run of a low level resource with a small storage car, taking about 20 minutes again, compared to the 6.3 hours just to buy one of the best cars in this economy. In fairness, it is difficult to compare a modded and unmodded server, but very few people complained about the fairness of the economy in BB. Also in BB, after an increase in the cost of licenses, to buy a rifle from the normal gun store would set you back around 15,000, 15x starting money, but something you could achieve within 20 minutes, however if you chose to buy a weapon, your options for future were limited, as you would have to go and do another run to recoup your money. Compare this to a diamond run in BB, which could be done for an investment of less than 15,000, and produce a yield of around 200,000, a 13x yield, compared to a 1.2x yield for beer, a comparable legal resource (although the yield is higher in this economy for diamonds i do not have the stats to work it out). Overall, the amount gained from resources needs to be at least 10x what it is currently, and the prices of items need balancing, such as the fact that i can get a pistol for my starting money, yet need to commit 6 hours to buy a fast car. Whoever set up the economy obviously did so in an arbitrary way, and it needs to be sat down on and worked out mathematically, as continuing to assign arbitrary numbers to the resources like everyone above has done will not solve the problem. Also, just upping resources wont help, other thing needs balancing, such as the aforementioned gun and cars example.
  18. @Wrenchy Fully agree if you move Drug Dealer to Lakeside and bump the price smaller cars/trucks draw less attention from RCMP patrol's Other prices i think should be bumped along with possibly moved for RP reasons so they make sense. Suggestion: Maybe if you want give RCMP a task of intercepting AI that then have the drugs and then possibly disable the drug dealer for 5-10 mins coz he's in jail?
  19. Your In-Game Name: Davies Where Did You Encounter The Bug:Los Daiblos PD Has It Occurred More Than Once?:No Evidence:
  20. Your In-Game Name: Jackson Smith Where Did You Encounter The Bug: Lakeside Clothing Store Has It Occurred More Than Once?: Yes Evidence: There are shirts In the Hat section
  21. Elliot, I agree with your entire post, the economy needs fixing. My personal opinion is this Leave Gold Bar the same (maybe even bump it up to even 60k) Bump LSD to 1k Bump Cocaine to 800 Bump Heroin to 900 Bump Uranium to 2000 Bump Diamond to 550 Bump Tobacco to 250-270 Bump Beer to 100 Leave all others as currently priced. Only caveat to bumping drugs to such a high value would be to move the drug dealer to Lakeside (so that it becomes a risk = reward standpoint). Along with this, I'd move the Uranium dealer to Lakeside Airfield, so that it can be "Shipped out" the city (which makes RP sense, why would you take uranium to a guy in the middle of nowhere)
  22. Your In-Game Name: Jackson Smith Where Did You Encounter The Bug: Uranium Processor Has It Occurred More Than Once?: Yes Evidence:
  23. Weed - Current - 280 - Correction - Mid to high 400's. Heroin - Current - 490 - Correction - High 800's low 900's?. Uranium - Current - 1200 - Correction - 1700-2000. Oil - 320 - Correction - Stay the same. Diamond - 487 - Correction - Stay the same. Copper - 150 - Stay the same. Iron - 332 - Stay the same. Glass - 135 - Correction - 235. Gold Bar - 55000 - Correction - Maybe drop to 45000? Tobacco - 165 - Correction - 240-250. Beer - 80 - Correction - 125. Cocaine - 550 - Correction - 600-650? LSD - 628 - Correction - 840-850 Any suggestions for them to be higher or lower put in the comments.
  24. he is great his gang invented hooman writes
  25. +1 great gang good RP GL
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