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  2. Gang Name: The Ross Brotherhood Member(s): James Ross, Bobby Black, Micheal Miller, Joey Lahey, Killz Junior About The Gang: The Ross Brotherhood lurks in the shadows taking down corruption throughout the night if that means by robbing a bank or two or if it means assasinating the president we will do it, we are the shield that guards the realm. "Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come." Requirements: Must have a decent amount of hours on Arma 3 Must have good comms Must have a stable bank balance Must be active on the server and within the gang Must have Discord How To Join: Speak to one of the Following Ingame James Ross, Bobby Black
  3. You should add a button on your phone that allows you to do animations such as waving, pointing, dancing, peeing just everyday things my main man. Regards Nicky
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  5. HOUSE OF LANNISTERS HOL is a gang that was been formed on Altis a long time ago and in the past as gone under many different names, such as Vanquish and Eternity, re branding from time to time to make it difficult for the government to keep track of their operations. HOL plan to disrupt drug trades, cartels and also the police run areas of the land, taking what they see of value, no matter how uphill the battle looks. HOL does not create alliances with any other gangs. HOL will take what they deem of value. HOL do not show mercy. HOL has certain requirements for any people that are interested in joining, anyone that wants to become a member must meet these, or have a vouch from a member within the group, otherwise they will more than likely be turned away. All civilians that wish to enter this group MUST fill out an application form. At least 2000 hours. Clear communication skills. Knowledge of the server rules. At least 17 years old. Your Name Answer Your Age Answer Your Hours Answer Why You Should Be Accepted Answer Your Vouches Answer
  6. What is your roleplay name? Almar petoris Arma 3 PID (Player ID) 76561198062702464 How old are you? 21 What country do you currently live in? USA Have you read and understand our rules? Yes How many hours can you play as Cop per week? 10-20 Have you had experience in this type of role before? Yes i was a former state trooper for another life server What skills/talents can you bring to the Police Department? (Minimum 150 Words) A fun role play expreinces plus information of laws Why should you be accepted into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police? (Minimum 100 Words) i want to be with my boy terry Do you understand if you become inactive as a cop you will be de-whitelisted Yes
  7. Accepted -The application wasn't strongest but due to ingame demonstrations Ashley and myself feel it fit to Accept you into the WFPS Chief H. Blumire
  8. This is being looked into at the moment, our developer team is working hard to find the source of the problem.
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  10. Name: Coram RP Name: Bob Coram Age:16 Arma 3 PID (Player ID)76561198318724805 What country do you live in?: United states Why would you like to join WFPS?: Because i like to roleplay as ems and firefight all ways have and all way's will How many hours do you have in Arma?:1000 Do you have any ban history?: No What can you bring to the WFPS?I can bring the fact that i have had over 200 hours as ems on roleplay server and i can be active a lot
  11. Name: Kadinsky RP Name: Kadinsky Kodkavsky Age:18 Arma 3 PID (Player ID) 76561198023069996 What country do you live in?: the Netherlands Why would you like to join WFPS?: because i love to help people and i know what i am doing as an EMS. i really get happy when people can go on with there lives without any problems How many hours do you have in Arma?:1969 Do you have any ban history?: yes What can you bring to the WFPS? i can bring down a good leader and a experienced ems a good pilot and a good driver
  12. wont let me veiw wepons at the black market Almar Petoris
  13. bleak.


    You guy's gotta add a feature/mod that allows us to turn off grass, it'll boost our FPS a little bit, which would make the gameplay much more enjoyable and much more playable for other people with worse-end computers.
  14. This Suggestion is due to NI Arms not working correctly and suggest that we either add RHS or some have suggested SMA, i agree with either as long as its not NI Arms or a shitty weapons pack Davies
  15. +1 i took 11 Rounds and still lived killing Wrenchy holding a class'3 and lived with a Pistol
  16. Your In-Game Name: Ashley Larkin Where Did You Encounter The Bug: EVERYWHERE Has It Occurred More Than Once?: YES every time i try shooting my Class 3 Evidence: ASK ANYONE WITH A CLASS 3 they are broken and people don't like that
  17. Gang Name:LakeSide HillBillys Member(s):(Coram), About The Gang:This gang is a group of people that was born and raised in the back woods of lakeside that moved more to the city to make bigger buck's Requirements:Must Be 15(some people can be 14 and allowed in),Willing to do illegal job's and get there hands dirty,MUST have played arma3 for at least 50 Hours(Must have proof) How To Join: Repliy to this post or pm me in Teamspeack
  18. Could i have a Elaboration on Powers and Rank structure as this could be considered for the server
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  20. Our Teamspeak: Our Rules: Rules Our Modpack: Modpack Our Discord: Discord
  21. Denied You've failed to meet the 250 words requirements, you've written 83 words and 354 characters. You may re-apply in 2 weeks time or wait for your ban to expire. Thread Locked.
  22. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Td5g07v_pltdFJ5ZYS1z6mFYOlF0g6Qene0MT0KlW_g/edit#gid=0
  23. In-Game Name: - Kadinsky Kodkavski Why You Was Banned: -1.3 money exployed When Was You Banned: -14-05-2019 When Does The Ban End: -21-05-2019 Staff Member Who Banned You: -D.wrench Why Should We Unban You( 250 words Minimum ) : -why you shut unban me is because i know i was wrong and i had to report it to the staff team but i didn't and that was my own fault to not do it. when i got the ban i know i really fucked up to no report it i really wanna say that i am sorry for what i have done and i wanna make it up to you guys with reporting every bug and glitch i find on the server
  24. +1 definitely agree with both of them I mean I know parts of lakeside would be a frame eater however it will be more playable and therefore a lot more fun and it’s a classic map
  25. My FPS is perfect but I was talking to Memphis the other day and he said he was getting 10 FPS.
  26. Hate to say it but I agree with the Welshman. Canadian theme on a standard map might catch the eye. Something old mixed with something new. +1 for all of it, only disagree with the FPS comment, get a better PC 😉
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